New 32GB for iPhone Swivel USB Memory Stick U DISK for iPhone 7,7plus, 6/6s,5/5s,iPad, iPod

Item No.: 4486

Product Description

New 32gb for iPhone Swivel USB Memory Stick U DISK for iPhone 7,7plus, 6/6s,5/5s,iPad, iPod, Mac, Windows PC Easy to Save Photos/Videos
1. External Storage and Easily transfer photos and videos between iPhone, iPad, PCs and Mac Computers
2. Fashion Swivel Mini style, easy carried in your handbag, wallets and backbags
3. Keychain Included
4. Lifetime Free App iUSB from App store 
5. High Transfer speed with Reading spead: 18~27M/S and Writing speed: 9~15M/S 
Color: Silver
Style: Swivel
Keychain: Yes
Material: Zinc Alloy 
Net Weight: 13g
G.W. Weight: 41g
Reading spead: 18~27M/S, Writing speed: 9~15M/S 
Data Retention: at least10 years
Compatibility with: iPhone 7/iPhone 7 plus/ iPhone6/iPhone 6 Plus/ iPhone 5/5s iPad iPod that have 8 pin interface
Support FAT32 And EXFAT For Windows MacOS IOS7-10
Compatible with those formats: .mov .mpg .swf .vob .wmv .rmvb .avi .mp4 .mkv .flv .gif .rm .mp3 .wav .m4a.jpg .gif     .tif.png .bmp .txt .doc .ppt .xls .pdf support 
Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS
Package: Crystal Gift Package with 1 USB Flash Drive and 1 Key Chain
User Manuel: Preloaded user Manuel in USB Flash Drive
Free App:  Lifetime Free App from APP Store for communication between your iDevices and i-FlashDrive 
How to Use:
1. Plug into iPhone/iPad/iPod
2. Download App:  The iUSB app would  pop up when you plug into iPhone; If not, download it manually by searching for it on the Appstore or scan the Qr Code from the Images on the Product page 
3. Install App (iUSB) in your iPhone 
4. When connecting to the iphone, you should see the following tabs: 
a. IUSB: Content on the Flash Drive 
b. APP: Content on the App 
c. IPHONE: Content on your IPhone 
5. Open any of the content of your iPhone and choose to copy and paste it on the IUSB Tab in any folder you like.
Warmly Note:
1.The Actual 1GB storage in your devices shows as: (1000^3)/(1024^3)=0.93GB around
2. Do not disconnect during file transfer. 
3. Do not connect both sides at the same time. 
4. Do not use this item as cable. 
5. If iOS device pops up a message saying "this accessory is not optimized for this phone",disconnect and reconnect again.
6.No built-in battery: no need to charge i-FlashDrive.